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Check your answers for the “Quiz: A Look Back at Our Most Popular 2023 Articles” below and see how you did. You can click the links in the answers to read the original articles and learn more.

  1. A, True. Electric vehicles use regenerative braking to recharge the battery. As explained in “Innovative Braking Tech Helps EVs Go the Extra Mile,” taking your foot off the accelerator will slow down the vehicle and can bring it to a full stop. It isn’t recommended for use in slippery road conditions (wet, snowy or icy roads) or on steep hills.
  2. B, False. As revealed in “Fast 5: The Best Time to Buy or Lease,” the best time to buy a vehicle is when you’re ready. If you go to the dealership at closing time in inclement weather, you’ll just be walking the lot in wet shoes. And while sales consultants will stay late to help, many auto financers don’t support late hours.
  3. C, More cars in busy cities mean increased risks of accidents. From “4 Car Insurance Factors and 5 Ways to Drive Down Costs,” we shared that even different ZIP codes within the same city may affect what you pay.
  4. C, 80%. The surprising figure is shared in “The Convenience of a Connected Vehicle.” The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s research notes that connected vehicles could help decrease 80% of crashes by unimpaired drivers.
  5. A, APR stands for annual percentage rate. It’s the total cost of credit — including the interest rate and other charges — expressed as a yearly rate. This and the following question come from “10 Auto Financing Terms You Should Know.”
  6. B, Residual value is the estimated end-of-term value of a vehicle. It’s established at the beginning of a lease and is used to calculate the monthly lease payments.
  7. A, True. In “GM Vehicles Take the Field,” we imagined the most powerful Corvette Stingray ever would be a receiver. Imagine running routes with 495 horsepower!
  8. B, Returning to the “Innovative Braking Tech Helps EVs Go the Extra Mile” article, taking your foot off the accelerator in an EV in One-Pedal Driving mode will engage the electric motor to capture energy and recharge the battery while the vehicle slows down or comes to a stop.
  9. A, Plan your hotel stays on an EV road trip. Did you know more and more hotels are installing charging stations? So are roadside attractions, movie theaters and shopping centers, according to “EVerybody In for an EV Road Trip.” Strategizing charging stops can truly shape your road trip experience.
  10. B, False. Lowering your debt now will reduce the amount you pay in interest over time, giving you more money to work with down the line. In the article “Tax Season: Getting a Refund or Owing,” we shared options for what to do with your tax refund and how to prepare for owing the IRS.
Josh Foster
By Josh Foster, GM Financial

Josh Foster takes pride in his three orange cats and the ability to connect people with meaningful experiences. He’s a U.S. Army veteran and volunteers at the Detroit Zoo, where he’s able to educate guests with bad jokes about good animals.


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