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Is leasing right for you?

If you embrace the idea of getting behind the wheel of a new GM vehicle every few years, leasing may be the right choice for you.


When you lease, you’re not as constrained by the overall price of the vehicle because you only pay for the portion that you use. You can consider vehicles with more options, trade in your vehicle for the latest model more frequently and align the lease term to the vehicle warranty period for greater peace of mind.


GM Financial works directly with dealerships to make applying to prequalify convenient for you when you’re ready to lease a new vehicle.

Benefits of Leasing

When you lease, you enjoy the freedom to:

  • Experience “new” more often with typically shorter contract lengths
  • Pay for the best miles of a vehicle's life — when it's still new and under warranty
  • Potentially save money with a lower monthly payment
  • Worry less about depreciation and enjoy driving without worrying about the decrease in value

Ready to lease your next vehicle?

Check out our latest offers to find the right vehicle for you.


Lease or Buy

Deciding which option fits you depends on your priorities. Compare lease or buy before you choose.


I Want To Buy

Buying a new GM vehicle has several benefits. Let’s get started on what to do next.

Car Shopping Resources

Tools to make your vehicle purchase as quick and hassle–free as possible.

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