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Welcome Investors

Thank you for your interest in GM Financial. Whether you’re a current investor or potential investor, this is the place to access resources about our investment products and to stay informed about our company and the performance of our securitization transactions.

For more information about GM Financial and our business, visit the About Us page.

Investor Information


Financial Information

GM Financial is committed to keeping investors well-informed about our operations


News Releases

View our latest GM Financial news releases



Events & Presentations

View our latest investor events and presentations



Asset-Backed Securitization

GM Financial participates in the North American asset-backed securitization markets


Right Notes

GM Financial Right Notes® are convenient cash-type investments


Term Notes

GM Financial Term Notes are retail medium term-note investments

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GM Financial joins GM on a journey to a more equitable, safe and all-electric future


Requests & Alerts

Contact us if you would like to request information or receive email alerts

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