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KEYS® by GM Financial

Navigate a better financial future at your own pace

Your journey to financial wellness is as unique as you are. From courses on personal finances and budgeting to answers about credit scores and money management, KEYS® by GM Financial helps personalize your financial road map.


Budgeting Tools

The thrill of purchasing or leasing a new vehicle is only matched by knowing it’s a sound financial move. Use the calculators below to ensure the best move for your budget. Get started by downloading our budgeting worksheet.

Estimate Monthly Payment

Keep your budget balanced with a payment that works for you.


Estimate Loan Amount

Use your desired monthly payment to calculate your loan estimate.


Estimate Final Installment

See what the future holds by estimating your final loan payment.


Understanding Credit

Learn how credit works to achieve your most important personal financial goals.

Credit doesn’t have to be complicated. But understanding its basics is a huge empowering step to achieve your money management goals. Explore the resources below to increase your credit knowledge and move confidently into your financial future. 

Credit Education Brochure

Have credit questions? This handy reference has the answers.

Credit Scores and Reports

In five minutes, see how a strong credit profile impacts your finances

Simple Interest

See how this calculation factors into loan balances and paying them off.

Your Vehicle Shopping Experience

The Best Time to Buy

Not sure if it’s time for a new ride? Use these insights to make the best decision. 

Should I Lease or Buy?

A lot goes into the decision to lease or buy. Discover the option that’s best for you.

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