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Final Installment Calculator

Want to plan for your final payment amount? You’re in the right place. Use the calculator below to get your estimate.

Please note: This calculator does not apply to lease contracts.

Use the information icons next to each field on the calculator to help you locate the information that is needed.

Everything you need can be found in MyAccount. Haven’t signed up for MyAccount yet? Register now or call us at 1-800-284-2721. Most of the information can also be found in your monthly statement.

Example of account statement

Estimated Final Installment Amount*

**The estimated result indicates that there is no amount due on the maturity date entered. Please check your inputs and also review the simple interest link for greater details.
Based on the information you entered as of .
*Estimated final installment amount is based on the information you entered. Final installment calculator only includes principal and interest. The calculator does not include late fees or other fees that have been or may be assessed on the account. This does not include any interest balance that may be on your account since your last payment was applied. The estimated final installment amount assumes all remaining payments are made exactly as scheduled on your due date. Future account changes that affect the due date or interest rate will affect the final calculated installment. Any future late payment will cause your final installment amount to be larger; any early payments will cause the amount to be smaller. This calculator is provided to you as a convenience tool, and the calculations are estimated based on your entered information.

Want to learn more about simple interest? We have resources to help.

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