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Connecting with Suppliers and Supporting the Community

Suppliers play a key role in helping GM Financial reduce costs and improve quality by providing improved innovation, creativity and quality customer service.

GM Financial is committed to working with diverse suppliers as part of a strategic sourcing and procurement process. Our goal is to extend opportunities to qualified diverse suppliers who in turn can help GM Financial fulfill its operational needs and satisfy the expectations of our customers as we meet tomorrow's competitive business challenges.


New Suppliers

If you would like to be considered as a supplier to GM Financial, tell us more about your services and products by completing the supplier registration form and emailing it to GM Financial will respond acknowledging your registration form.

If there is an opportunity for your particular product or service, you will receive additional information regarding how to do business with GM Financial. Please be advised that our purchasing needs often change. If there is no immediate need for our product or service, we will still retain your registration and will contact you at the appropriate time in the future.

Existing Suppliers

Email Information

Mailing Address
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