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Salesperson and customer walk past Cadillac Escalades in a purple-lit dealership.

Quiz: A Look Back at Our Most Popular 2023 Articles

As 2023 fades in our rearview mirror, it’s fun to look at the roads we traveled. Over the past year, we’ve published articles covering helpful topics in finance, personal experiences and even speculation on which GM vehicles would play on a football field. Test your know-how with this quiz made up of questions from our most popular articles from 2023.

  1. How does regenerative braking in an EV differ from using traditional hydraulic brakes?
    a.     The friction created by brake pads generates water, which cools down the braking system and conserves energy, giving you farther range.
    b.     When you take your foot off the accelerator, you’re recharging the vehicle’s battery.
    c.      Energy is converted from one form of energy to another, rather than being destroyed like in a traditional vehicle.
  2. The best time to buy a car is on a rainy or snowy day 10 minutes before a dealership closes.
    a.     True
    b.     False
  3. Why do big city residents often have higher car insurance rates than rural drivers?
    a.     It’s probably political.
    b.     City drivers just don’t know how to drive safely.
    c.     More cars mean increased risks of accidents.
  4. Connected vehicles may help decrease _____ of crashes by unimpaired drivers.
    a.     40%
    b.     60%
    c.     80%
  5. In auto financing, what does APR stand for?
    a.     Annual percentage rate
    b.     Appropriate portion rule
    c.     It’s short for April
  6. What is residual value?
    a.     The value of your vehicle the minute you drive off a dealership lot.
    b.     The estimated end-of-term value of your vehicle, used to calculate the monthly lease payment.
    c.      Financial compensations paid in the entertainment industry in cases of syndication, licensing to streaming media and more.
  7. Theoretically, the 2024 Corvette Stingray would make an excellent wide receiver, partially because of its horsepower. It boasts 495 max available horsepower!
    a.     True
    b.     False
  8. When driving an electric vehicle, you may not have to use your brake pedal to stop.
    a.     True
    b.     False
  9. What is something beneficial to plan for when taking an EV road trip?
    a.     Stay at hotels offering EV charging so you can start the next day with a good charge.
    b.     Only drive an EV when it isn’t raining out, that way you don’t get shocked.
    c.     Charging stations are everywhere, so you don’t have to plan out your route.
  10. Paying down your debt — student loans, credits cards, etc. — actually increases the amount you pay in interest over time.
    a.     True
    b.     False

Cruise through 2023 one more time on the results page to see how you did.

Want more fun quizzes? Determine what kind of driver you are, test your road sign knowledge and see if we can predict how you’ll spend your tax refund.



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