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Happy woman and her dog driving down the road

What Kind of Driver Are You?

There’s a lot to think about when driving.

Keep three seconds’ worth of space from the car in front of you.

Maintain a safe speed.

Check your blind spots.

Oh, Mom is texting me. What does she want now? And the speed limit is 55 mph, why is the car in front of me going 50?! Wait, was that a red light?

It’s easy to become distracted or frustrated when you’re behind the wheel. We want to shine a light on safe and attentive driving to become more aware on the road. So, safely pull over, put down the fries and take our quiz to discover what kind of driver you really are.

As you progress, total up your A, B and C answers before viewing the results page.

  1. You’re the first car at a traffic light and it turns green. You:
    a. Hit the gas! Green means go, doesn’t it?
    b. Look left and right to make sure the intersection is clear before driving.
    c. Wait for the person behind me to honk before going.

  2. What do you do if you see a ball roll into the street?
    a. Swerve wildly to avoid the ball.
    b. Slow down. Where there’s a ball, there may be a kid, and I’m ready to brake if necessary.
    c. Maintain my speed; that ball is unlikely to damage my car.

  3. What’s your favorite snack to eat in the car?
    a. A double-dipped ice cream cone!
    b. This is a trick question. I rarely eat in the car.
    c. French fries.

  4. As you approach the crosswalk in a parking lot, what do you do:
    a. Speed up to get through the crosswalk before pedestrians start to cross.
    b. Be on the lookout for pedestrians and allow them to cross.
    c. Take one last look at my coupons as I pull into a parking spot.

  5. There’s an accident on the shoulder of the road; what do you do?
    a. I’m a “rubbernecker” and like to slow down to see what happened.
    b. Safely change lanes to give emergency vehicles more room.
    c. Tell my passengers to record it so I can watch the video later.

  6. How do you listen to music in the car?
    a. Every drive is karaoke time! I love hosting private concerts for everyone in traffic.
    b. I keep it at a respectable level so I’m aware of my surroundings.
    c. I listen at a reasonable volume unless it’s my JAM! Then all the rules go out the window.

  7. If you start to get tired on a long road trip, what would you do?
    a. Push through it: I’m a road warrior!
    b. Find a safe place to stop and arrange sleeping accommodations for the night.
    c. Put all the windows down to try and wake myself up!

  8. Do you use your phone while driving?
    a. How else are my friends going to know what I’m up to?
    b. I don’t use my phone when I drive; I’ll reply after I’ve arrived at my destination.
    c. Only at stop lights, I’m not that bad!

  9. What do you do at a notoriously long red light?
    a. Put on mascara or fix my hair. Gotta look good when I get where I’m going.
    b. Stay alert, but I can safely change the radio station and drink water.
    c. Text my friends to say I’m running late for dinner, but I’m bringing the par-tay!

  10. What do you do if someone is tailgating you?
    a. Give the brakes a few taps to send a message: Don’t mess with me.
    b. When it’s safe, change lanes or pull off the road to allow the tailgater to pass.
    c. Tailgating? Like, before a football game? I don’t see a problem here…

Now that you’ve seen the questions, it’s time to view your results and compare answers.



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