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Speed things along with a Line of Credit

GM Financial’s commercial line of credit allows your business to conveniently purchase or lease multiple new or pre-owned vehicles. It’s also customizable, so you can build your fleet using any of our commercial finance products, including Traditional Financing (APR), The Right Lease® and The Right TRAC® . 

Line of Credit Benefits

Compare our rates to what you are currently financing and see for yourself. Enjoy these benefits and more with a GM Financial commercial line of credit. 

Credit Amounts Begin at $250,000
Credit Amounts
Begin at
Skip the Credit Approval on Added Vehicles
Skip the Credit
Approval on Added
Purchase More Vehicles as You Need Them
Purchase More
Vehicles as You Need

Why Get a Line of Credit?

When you take advantage of GM Financial’s commercial line of credit, you’ll be able to quickly and easily add new vehicles to your fleet.

  • Amounts begin at $350,000 and are reviewed annually
  • Skip the credit approval process traditionally required every time you finance an additional vehicle
  • Reserve specific funds for acquiring commercial vehicles
  • Save your bank lines of credit for your other business needs
  • Fast and easy vehicle delivery. Just call the dealer and get your new vehicle.
  • Use it with other services, such as combined billing statements and Master Loan/Lease Agreements

Is Your Business Growing?

Visit your local GM dealership to inquire about a line of credit to expand your lineup of business vehicles. Complete a commercial credit application, and our experienced staff will walk you through the process.


Find a local GM Fleet Dealer near you.

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