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Business Financing Benefits

Reliable Vehicles
Obtain Reliable Vehicles

Finance trusted GM vehicles — Chevrolet, Buick, GMC and Cadillac.

Free Up Cash
Free Up Cash

Free up your cash flow to put into growing your business. 

Tax Advantage
Enjoy Tax Advantages

Give your business every tax break possible with a new GM vehicle.

Protect Personal Credit
Protect Personal Credit

Obtain the financing you need and build your business credit.

Making a Payment?

GM Financial is proud to offer an array of payment options for both our personal and business customers. Easily make payments online through MyAccount, by mail or over the phone. We accept checks, credit cards or debit cards, including one-time and automatic payments. GM Financial does not accept payments made in person.



Manage MyAccount

Make payments and manage all your commercial vehicles in one place.


If you have any commercial accounts beginning in 17, please log in here.

Smarter Vehicle Financing

Our experienced team understands the sophisticated demands and complex financing requirements of today’s commercial borrower. Whether you’re looking for a couple units for a small business or a fleet for your growing operation, GM Financial Commercial Vehicle Lending offers customizable options and time-saving solutions.

Financing Options

Business Purchase

Full ownership allows you to modify your vehicles and drive as much as you want.

Business Lease

Open- and closed-end lease products to fit the needs of your growing business.

Line of Credit

Purchase or lease vehicles for your business as you need them with a line of credit.

Municipal Lease

Take your public entity’s vehicles to the next level with a municipal lease from GM Financial.

More to Help Your Business


Customizable Features

Innovative options are available on all of GM Financial's Commercial Vehicle Lending products, boosting your competitive advantage.


Fleet Management Services

The Fleet Services program, offered by Network, makes it easy to manage all your commercial vehicles.

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