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Business leasing with GM Financial

Our lease programs are customizable and provide solutions to meet your business needs. 

You can drive as little or as much as your business requires; the freedom is yours. We also offer the ability to customize commercial-use vehicles with various upfit options to meet the demands of your business. 

Leasing Benefits

There are several reasons why leasing a business vehicle may be the right option for you.

Lower Monthly Payments
Lower Monthly
No Residual Risk
No Residual Risk
Lease-End Options

Leasing Options

Compare leasing options to find the perfect lease for your growing business.

Small business owners standing next to Chevrolet white van
Open-End Lease

The open-end lease product allows you to set the terms of your agreement and provides multiple options at lease end.

White Cadillac SUV
Closed-End Lease

Our closed-end lease program offers a variety of allowable mileage options for predictable-use commercial vehicles.

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