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An elite business purchasing experience

Our Traditional Finance (APR) program is the perfect option if you prefer to own your new or pre-owned commercial vehicles.

You'll have the ability to customize your vehicle with various upfit options to meet your business needs and there are no specific mileage restrictions. 

Business Purchase Benefits

There are several reasons why buying a business vehicle may be the right option for you.

Full Vehicle
Longer Financing
No Vehicle Mileage

Buy or Lease

Because you hold the title, you build equity in the vehicle. At the end of the term, you own it free and clear, essentially increasing your disposable income. At the end of term, you have the option to buy it for the residual amount.
Mileage Limits
No mileage restrictions or penalties. Charges may be applied if mileage exceeds the limits agreed upon in your lease agreement.
You can change or modify your vehicles and select which repairs to make. There are no wear-and-use restrictions or penalties. Typically, your vehicle is under warranty during the term of your lease, which often means lower maintenance costs.
Monthly Payments
Monthly payments may be higher than if you leased, but you own the vehicle free and clear after you fulfill the terms of your contract. Plus, you have the freedom to sell or trade in your vehicle without Early Termination fees.
Pay for the portion of the vehicle you use and decide whether to buy or trade in at the end of your contract. 
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