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Powerful Solutions

Turn our experience into your competitive advantage. GM Financial partners with businesses of all sizes across diverse industries to customize financing plans that lead to success.

We’re ready to get to work for you.

Two men shaking hands
Business Purchase

No mileage restrictions. Customized upfits. Ownership.

Cheverolet Silverado being loaded by forklift
Business Lease

Flexible leasing options that fit your business and put you in control.

Man getting into a red Equinox
Line of Credit

Next-level speed and flexibility for larger businesses.

Police vehicles in a warehouse
Municipal Leasing

Leases made for municipal fleets that put your dollars to work faster.

Small Business | Buying a Vehicle for Small Business | GM Financial

Small Business Solutions

If you’re a small business, we’re in your corner. Whether you’re looking to stay small or grow, our commercial lending and leasing products can help you get there.

Let’s talk about what we can do for your business.

Van delivering produce
Larger Business | Buying a Vehicle for Small Business | GM Financial

Elite Service for Fleets

When you’re managing a fleet, you’ve got a lot on your plate. Take advantage of our team’s deep experience designing custom vehicle financing solutions for larger businesses like yours. Let’s talk about how we can keep your fleet on the road to success.

A Chevrolet cargo truck and a Chevrolet pickup at a construction site
Municipal | Buying a Vehicle for Small Business | GM Financial

Municipal Leasing

We’re proud to partner with municipalities and public entities of all sizes to build strong fleets that perform essential functions. Could GM Financial municipal leasing streamline your fleet management and also boost your balance sheet? Let’s talk and find out.

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