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Your Results

Thanks for taking our quiz! You’ll see your results below. If you haven’t finished filing your taxes yet, here’s a reminder that Tax Day in the U.S. is April 18 in 2022. Need a refresher on taxes? Check out our free, four-minute Taxes: The Basics module on KEYS® Online.

If you had mostly A answers

You’re a Big Saver

You’ll likely spend your tax refund on something practical or save it. You take a more measured approach when it comes to spending your money, which indicates you might budget your money and plan for future expenses. While staying on top of your money can help you reach your financial goals and putting a little extra money into the emergency fund isn’t a bad idea, it’s still OK to splurge every once in a while and treat yourself. For instance, maybe vehicle accessories can help you upgrade your ride without having to purchase a new vehicle.

If you had mostly B answers

You’re a Big Spender

You like to live life in the moment and to the fullest, and your wallet does, too! That doesn’t mean you’re wasteful, but you see the value in using Uncle Sam’s refund on activities and purchases that spark joy in your life. Maybe your tax refund can help pay for a road trip or even a new car? Make sure you can afford your new wheels with these free tools to help calculate car and lease payments or budget for your next vehicle. While spending sure is fun, don’t forget to set aside some money to reach your long-term goals.

Nicole Mayer
By Nicole Mayer, GM Financial

Nicole Mayer is a whisk-taker with a fondness for desserts. From baking to organizing, she’s motivated by trying new things and sharing her knowledge. When she’s not in the kitchen rocking out to ‘80s music, you’ll find her serving up aces on the tennis court.

Josh Foster
By Josh Foster, GM Financial

Josh Foster takes pride in his three orange cats and the ability to connect people with meaningful experiences. He’s a U.S. Army veteran and volunteers at the Detroit Zoo, where he’s able to educate guests with bad jokes about good animals.


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