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Fast Facts: Washington, D.C. Visit Reinforces GM Financial’s Commitment to Financial Literacy Education

GM Financial has collaborated with the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation (CBCF) since early 2021 as part of the company’s commitment to broadening access to free financial literacy resources. Through KEYS® by GM Financial, the company aims to empower people to make smarter financial decisions and better understand concepts like budgeting, saving, retirement and more.

In late June 2023, General Motors and GM Financial team members met with this year’s CBCF intern cohort. Here’s how the program reached new heights this summer.


By the numbers:

  • The June event was the 12th formal engagement between KEYS by GM Financial and the CBCF. It won’t be the last.
  • 63 CBCF interns representing 50 colleges and universities participated in the KEYS program. That’s a new record for us.
  • 54 members of Congress host an intern who participated in the event. They’re kind of a big deal.
  • The 180-minute session included conversations about car buying and good money habits and featured an expert panel of GM and GM Financial team members. Everybody took at least one break, we promise.

Read more about the ways KEYS makes an impact on communities across the nation and follow the road map to find out where the team traveled last year. You can also read more about last summer’s CBCF engagement by visiting our newsroom.

Jake Stevens
By Jake Stevens, GM Financial

Jake Stevens uses his writing skills to help others make sense of complex topics. His second greatest passion, after auto finance, is cheering on the Crimson Tide.

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