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Live Smarter, Not Harder

Pop quiz: What is one way to avoid late payments, get answers and keep your account on track?

If you guessed MyAccount, you’re right. Signing up for MyAccount gives you the power to make payments and manage account details from your desktop or mobile device. Below, take a crash course and learn how MyAccount can help you live smarter.

  1. Organization

    Stop wasting time hunting down paperwork and details. When you log in to MyAccount, you’ll see a personalized portal with everything you need in one place. View your account number, payment progress, amount due, vehicle details and other information all from your dashboard.

  2. Electronic recurring payments

    Signing up for recurring payments can help make forgotten payments and late fees a thing of the past. To get started, log in to GM Financial MyAccount, click Pay Online and follow the steps to set up recurring monthly payments.

  3. Payment options

    Making a payment has never been easier. Log in to MyAccount and click Payment Options at the top to find the method that fits you and your life:

    • Pay online
    • Pay by cash
    • Pay by phone
    • Pay by mail
  4. Paperless billing

    Tired of crowded mailboxes and endless filing? If you are a retail customer (meaning you purchased your vehicle and didn't lease it), you can enroll in paperless billing by clicking My Profile at the top of your MyAccount dashboard and then selecting Go Paperless. When you do, you’ll be able to view your billing statement in a safe and secure online format and stop receiving statements in the mail. This feature will be available to lease customers in the future.

  5. Live chat

    Got a question, but not a lot of time? Log in and look for the Live Chat feature to connect with a Customer Experience representative. You can also find answers to our most popular questions on our FAQ page.

MyAccount was designed with you in mind, and we’re enhancing your experience to be easier, faster and more remarkable. Learn more about the benefits and features of MyAccount.

Availability of some features may be limited; log in or register for MyAccount to learn more.

Brooke Howell
By Brooke Howell, GM Financial

GM Financial’s Brooke Howell is a writer specializing in financial literacy and a lifetime Chevrolet driver. She is red-haired, well-read and her fuel tank is always more than half full.


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