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Car Stories: A Tale of Two Classics

Stories like these are why I love hosting GM Financial's Car Stories. Who doesn’t love a classic car? Even an old rusted-out clunker has a story to tell, so imagine what kind of stories two iconic GM sports cars have hidden under their hoods.

This time around I’m at Texas Motor Speedway chatting with longtime friends Rocky Silvester and Brian Pence, as they share with me the stories of their flawless 1965 Chevrolet Corvette and 1969 Chevrolet Camaro. 

First Car, Fast Car

For most people, their first car is memorable because it brings a new world of freedom. But for Brian Pence, his first car is memorable because he still has it decades later, and it also happens to be one really rad 1969 Chevrolet Camaro.

When he gets around other gearheads and car guys, he loves to talk about the wrenching he’s done on the car over the years. What started out as a racer has seen many restorations and modifications, and now, after a completely bare-bones rebuild, is back to its 1969 original condition.

His passion for Camaros started at 15 years old when he received a book called “The Great Camaro.” He said it was love at first sight. The love only continues to grow years later as he takes his Camaro on the road.

A Rare Original

Rocky Silvester’s gorgeous tuxedo black ’65 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray has been in his family since the 1980s. This convertible with stunning red interior is truly a rare treat. It's an all-original 1965 (with the exception of an added cooling fan to help during hot summer car shows).

Here’s how rare his 1965 sports car actually is:

  • Only 23,562 Chevrolet Corvettes rolled out of the factory that year
  • Of those, about 15,000 were convertibles
  • Only 1,191 donned the elegant tuxedo black

Rocky said he’s learned from talking with other Corvette enthusiasts that his is one of 300 with the red interior.

For Rocky, classic cars like this have an amazing appeal due to the era in which they were built. Sports cars were hitting their stride in the ‘60s, and his C2 Corvette fits the iconic mold of a ‘60s era sports car, if not the defining look of the decade. The legacy of Americana is rich with this ride, and he loves to showcase it.

The Road Goes on Forever, and the Stories Never End

Cruising the highways and backroads in these gorgeous, iconic sports cars is one thing I’ll never forget. Something else I love about getting to travel around this great country is knowing there are many more roads to travel and getting to meet people like Rocky and Brian and finding out their story.

This has been their car story — what's yours?

Memphis Jones
By Memphis Jones, Guest Contributor

Memphis Jones is a one-of-a-kind musician who plays everything from rock ‘n’ roll to R&B and blues, performing weekly at BB King's Blues Club on Beale Street. His interactive style and witty personality keep him busy with solo performances and speaking engagements. As a car enthusiast, he’s also a perfect fit as host of GM Financial’s Car Stories.


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