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If you enjoy finding creative solutions to complex problems and tackling new challenges, a career with GM Financial’s Technology teams should be your next step. We create, implement and support a broad range of application, data management and technology infrastructure solutions to meet our business needs, and we offer leadership support and paid development opportunities to help you build the skill sets and career you want.



What Sets Us Apart


With a focus on planning, testing, problem-solving and technical innovation, GM Financial offers customer-oriented service and assistance through several different avenues, including data governance, systems support, IT support, infrastructure, development and more.


Learning and Development

  • Drive Your Development hours
  • Education Reimbursement Program
  • Training/skill development subscriptions
  • Certification and training
  • Industry-specific memberships and more

Programs and Networks

  • Scrum master apprentice program
  • Centers of Excellence
  • Communities of Practice
  • Change Advocate Network (CAN) and more


Leadership Engagement

  • Senior and executive leadership engagement sessions
  • Quarterly organizational strategy meetings


Work Environment

  • Employee referral program
  • IT new employee experience
  • Remote/hybrid workplace



Engagement and Team Building

  • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee 
  • Innovation forum 
  • Positive Engaging People (PEP)

Life and Wellness

  • Up to 12 weeks paternity pay
  • 401(k) matching up to 5%
  • Benefits begin day one
  • Meditation 
  • On-site clinics and more


Your Career in Technology

No matter what innovation looks like to you, GM Financial IT has a place for you to develop your skills, grow your career and collaborate with some of the best in the IT auto finance industry.

Cartoon interpretation of Low-Code Application Platform

Low-Code Application Platform

Igor Parmezani / 06/21/2021 /

We use a lot of tools and processes to get things done at GM Financial, and we're always looking for ways to be more efficient in our work. Learn how we used a low-code application platform to do just that.

Cartoon interpretation of collaboration at work

The Change Advocate Network

Sue Merritt / 06/18/2021 /

See how we’re using our Change Advocate Network (CAN) to improve our efficiencies and be more collaborative.

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