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Get your account ready for summer

woman relaxing by the pool with GM Financial Mobile displayed on phone May 7, 2019

Get your account ready for summer

Picture yourself on the exotic destination vacation of your dreams. Or just lounging in your backyard, favorite drink in hand. Either way, imagine you’re enjoying your best version of a “perfect summer afternoon.”

Then, out of nowhere, it hits you: My car payment was due three days ago!

Your perfect summer afternoon? It’s gone like white shorts after Labor Day.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. You can enjoy the relaxing summer you deserve, without financial worries crashing the party and cannonballing into the pool. All it takes are a few simple steps to “disaster-proof” your account now:


  1. Automate Your Payments — If you only do one thing to get your account ready for summer, it’s a no-brainer; enroll in auto pay. With your payments on cruise control, you can shut off your inner micromanager and focus on soaking up the sun. 
  2. Get the App — Wherever summer takes you, it’s smart to bring your account along on your iPhone® or Android™. With GM Financial Mobile in your beach bag, you won’t need to scramble for a computer or make a phone call if you suddenly remember your payment’s due soon, or need to check on pending status.
  3. Ditch the Paper — Mail tends to pile up in summer, especially when you go out of town. Going paperless prevents any mail mix-ups with your statements, and they’ll be available 24/7 in MyAccount. Plus, paperless is good for the planet. Enjoy the great outdoors more this summer knowing you’re giving a little back.
  4. Update Your Contact Info — If some urgent account issue pops up and needs your attention, getting the news ASAP could mean the difference between a minor heads-up and a major headache. A pre-summer contact info checkup is always a good idea, and it’s fast and easy to do from MyAccount.

So get a head start on summer by making these smart moves now. Each one takes about as long as putting on sunscreen, and they’ll all serve you well year-round.

By James Houston, Guest Contributor

As an NYC native turned DFW commuter, James knows traffic jams. He's passionate about the power of words to make digital user experiences feel less like gridlock and more like fifth gear in the fast lane.

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