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happy kids in a car on road trip with a book titled "On the Road Again Backseat Entertainment"

On the Road Again: Backseat Entertainment

Prepping for a road trip? Before you head over the river and through the woods, consider these 10 road-trip tips to entertain passengers (and driver, too) from driveway to destination.

Wi-Fi and Downloads

  • Connect to in-vehicle Wi-Fi (available for a monthly fee) if your GM vehicle offers it. Just press your OnStar button to get started.
  • Download content to your device before you hit the road if you don't have in-vehicle Wi-Fi.
  • Load digital downloads (available with DVD purchases for your tablet or smartphone) onto your devices before leaving.

Power and Battery Packs

  • Charge and pack several backup power packs and ensure they're within arm's reach to minimize roadside stops.
  • Take advantage of in-vehicle charging with the various power options offered by GM vehicles, from the Chevrolet Suburban with up to 14 charging locations to the Cadillac CTS with wireless device charging.
  • Pack an extra-long charging cable, if traveling in a large vehicle, for passengers in the back who may not have charging access.

Tools of the Trip

  • Double-check that everyone has their own headphones, and pack an extra pair (or two) just in case.
  • Invest in a headphone splitter, so passengers can listen to the same entertainment together.

Technology-Free Entertainment

  • Reach for the word search, coloring books, sketch pads and crossword puzzles for individual tech-free activities.
  •  Try out one of these group activity tips for road-trip entertainment for kids:
    • Musical chairs — Everyone rotates to another seat at the next fuel stop or bathroom break.
    • Trivia game — Bring your favorite trivia game to play in the car; winner gets to pick the next stop.
    • I spy — A road-trip classic, take turns spotting objects to help pass the time.

For additional ways to make your next vacation a smooth ride, check out these suggestions for planning a drama-free family road trip.

Callie Leahy-Wicks
By Callie Leahy-Wicks, GM Financial

GM Financial’s Callie Leahy-Wicks is a native Texan with a hankerin’ for fast cars, loud music and writing quality multichannel content for the auto finance industry.


Ready to get in the driver's seat?

See if you prequalify for financing.

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