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Man meticulously inspecting his vehicle prior to his lease-end inspection

Why You Need A Lease-End Inspection

When your lease-end approaches, your transition to a new vehicle should be as smooth as possible. A smart approach to making the right decision is scheduling a complimentary pre-return inspection. Here are the ways you'll benefit from scheduling one:

  1. Complimentary service
    GM Financial uses a third-party service, AutoVIN, to provide a pre-return inspection. It won’t cost you anything, and this service can potentially save you money by empowering you with a condition report of your vehicle at lease end.
  2. Peace of mind
    The inspection will help identify excess mileage and any excess wear and use you could be charged for at the end of your lease. With that information, you can decide whether to make the repairs or budget for any additional expenses. This will allow you to financially plan ahead for the road in front of you.
  3. Convenient scheduling
    The dealership where you leased your vehicle is the best place to schedule the inspection. This allows you to start planning for your next vehicle quicker and enjoy a test drive of any new vehicles that have caught your eye while the inspection is happening. You also have the option to schedule your vehicle inspection at your home or work.

You Have Options

The lease-end process is an exciting time of transition, and GM Financial offers many options to help you with your financial future:

  • Lease or finance a new ride
  • Buy your leased vehicle
  • Return your car

To ease the decision-making process, here are the lease-end resources you need to choose the financial option that works best for your situation.

Still have questions about the lease-end process? Check out the helpful information in our lease-end guide

Cole Fowler
By Cole Fowler, GM Financial

GM Financial’s Cole Fowler is dedicated to providing insight to the complicated world of auto finance. When he’s not writing, he’s road-tripping across Texas in his Chevrolet Silverado or watching foreign films.


Ready to get in the driver's seat?

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