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When Is The Best Time To Buy or Lease A New Car?

So, you’re reaching the end of your agreement, and your vehicle is almost 100% yours. What do you do now? Check out some of the most popular questions about the end of your contract:

How do I make my final payment and pay off my account?

Details on making your payoff can be found by logging in to MyAccount at and selecting “Request a Payoff” under the Account Actions section.

When do I get my title?

Processes and timeframes for releasing titles and liens vary by state and GM Financial releases them within those requirements. Check your state’s website to find out the details that apply to you. Your final payment will need to be received and processed by GM Financial before your title or lien can be released.

Is the account balance shown in MyAccount the same as my payoff balance?

Not necessarily. Interest charges, fees or other charges applied to your account could create a difference in the two balances. Your payoff balance is ultimately what you owe on your account.

What should I do once I’ve paid my payoff balance in full?

Once you have your title and own your vehicle outright, you have two options:

  • Research the trade-in value of your car and consider leasing or buying a new GM vehicle. You can save time at the dealership by applying for financing online.
  • Or, drive payment free for as long as you like. It’s yours! Just make sure to maintain regular dealership visits for tune-ups and servicing. Schedule an appointment with your dealer to keep it running reliably.

What happens if I still have a balance due on my vehicle, but want to trade it in to get something new?

Head to your dealership to discuss your options which may vary based on how much you still owe. Find out your payoff amount in MyAccount before heading in so you know what to expect.

NOTE: The process at the end of your contract is different for lease customers. Visit our Lease-End page for details.

Scooter Hendon
By Scooter Hendon, GM Financial

GM Financial's Scooter Hendon might have a funny name, but he's serious about educating customers about financing their vehicles – and no, not the foot-powered kind on two wheels.

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