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Person polishing the hood of their car with red cloth

5 Ways To Show Your Car Some Love

Your car is a huge part of your daily life, and it’s there for you through thick and thin, good times and bad. Perhaps it’s time to show your vehicle the appreciation and attention it deserves.

  1. Shower it with love.

    Nothing shows that you love your vehicle more than a good cleaning. After all, your car battles the elements — whether it be snowstorms or dirt — and regularly takes on things like bugs, puddles and salt. Make your sweet ride sparkle and shine by treating it to a car wash or, better yet, a professional detailing.

  2. Go above and beyond.

    While appreciating the outside of your vehicle is important, you can’t forget about the warm, gooey center. Whether you decide to opt for some professional help or do it yourself, a clean driving space will really get your vehicle’s heart racing.

    One option is heading to your dealership for your vehicle’s very own “spa day.” Or if you want to take on the job, start with your windows and windshield, then give your dashboard a satisfying wipe down. Get rid of any trash and clutter from your back seat or cup holders. And don’t forget to vacuum all the nooks and crannies, especially your seats. Candy and cookies are great, but crumbs aren’t!

  3. Be wheel-y attentive.

    Valentine’s Day is the perfect excuse to help your car put its “feet” up. Proper tire maintenance not only ensures a safer ride, but also keeps your vehicle in tip-top shape. Before hitting the town, check your tire pressure and see if you notice any tears, bulges or cracks. Well-maintained tires give you a better driving experience, which makes both you and your beloved vehicle feel the love.

  4. Pick some sweet accessories.

    A sweet treat doesn’t have to always be a grand gesture like car maintenance. Sometimes, it’s the little things that can mean the most. From a scented air freshener in your favorite scent to an extra dash of love with new wiper blades, accessories can make your life easier — and a lot sweeter.

  5. Plan a getaway.

    Love often comes in the form of sharing hobbies with one another. Don’t be afraid to show your vehicle some love by arranging an adventure for you both to enjoy! Maybe trails and mountains are calling your truck’s name. Or, if you're like me, you feel guilty about subjecting your precious car to endless amounts of snow, so you head for Florida to seek out some sunshine. Whether it’s a quick day trip or a cross-country journey, treat your car to an expedition on the open road.

  6. Spending a little extra time, money and effort on your vehicle can go a long way. And if you’re in the market for a new ride to spoil, make sure to check out our Current Offers page for the best deals to make you fall in love again.

Alexis Sheprak
By Alexis Sheprak

Alexis Sheprak uses the Force when it comes to lifting heavy weights, making her a Jedi in the gym and as a writer and content creator. While navigating her own financial journey, she’ll bring the donuts and promises not to glaze over any budgeting tips or insights.


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