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KEYS® cements its Washington, D.C. presence with new CHCI connection

KEYS by GM Financial Cements Its Washington, D.C. Presence With New CHCI Connection

What do the U.S. President, the U.S. Constitution and KEYS® by GM Financial have in common? They each have a distinct place in Washington, D.C.

No longer simply visiting from time to time, KEYS has become a staple of GM Financial’s Congressional outreach, tallying several engagements each year. KEYS facilitator and CX Strategic Programs Manager Mish Harrison, who has led dozens of engagements over the years, said the impact of the KEYS program has reverberated throughout the nation’s capital.

“Strong interest in the program has allowed us to grow and expand our presence in D.C.,” she said. “A one-time engagement can be meaningful, but it’s especially impactful and rewarding when we’re able to re-engage important stakeholder groups.”

Mish continued, “It’s a testament to the value of KEYS and an indication the program is meeting specific financial education needs. We’re always looking forward to the next opportunity.”

Most recently, KEYS appeared as part of the company’s first-ever formal engagement with the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute (CHCI).

CHCI is dedicated to developing the next generation of Latino leaders by providing outstanding students and young professionals with public service and policy experience. The group convenes Members of Congress and other public officials, corporate executives, nonprofit advocates and thought leaders to discuss issues facing the nation and the Hispanic community.

That’s where KEYS comes in.

During the September engagement, KEYS facilitators and Noel Perez of General Motors’ Federal Affairs team walked the CHCI cohort through a handful of lessons and interactive course elements focused on budgeting and good money habits.

“The knowledge and tools offered by the session empowered fellows and interns to take control of their financial future,” said Jessica Pedroza, Manager of Fellowship Programs for CHCI.

Corporate engagements help shape the overall CHCI intern and fellow experience by providing insights into levers of change, power dynamics and potential for influence.

“These engagements shed light on the efforts some companies are making to broaden their impact across communities, advance DEI in their hiring practices and recognize the power of the Latino consumer,” Jessica said.

“Seeing Latinos in leadership roles in different sectors, including corporations, helps participants explore career options and see the potential of their own contributions to the community and society at large.”

As always, learners were encouraged to follow up the session by visiting the web-based KEYS resources via KEYS Online and listening to the podcast, Our Two Cents.

GM Financial regularly interacts with Congressional stakeholders and other public policy audiences via KEYS, including interns and fellows from the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation (CBCF) and Congressional Hispanic Leadership Institute (CHLI). Read more about our June CBCF engagement or our May engagement with CHLI on the GM Financial newsroom.

Jake Stevens
By Jake Stevens, GM Financial

Jake Stevens uses his writing skills to help others make sense of complex topics. His second greatest passion, after auto finance, is cheering on the Crimson Tide.

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