Car Buying Resources

Take control and feel confident by educating yourself about your vehicle purchase. We've got the information you need, whether you are buying or leasing a new or used vehicle.

Financing Options

Learn what options you have when it comes to paying for your vehicle:

  • Finance: Buy the vehicle over time.
  • Considerations for obtaining a loan
    • Vehicle is titled in your name and you own it at the end of contract
    • You can sell or trade at any time
    • Payments may be higher than leasing
    • No limits on mileage, but vehicle value may decline with high mileage
    • You choose what to repair and when
    • You can change vehicle's appearance
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  • Lease: Drive the vehicle for a period of time then return it.
  • Considerations for obtaining a lease
    • Monthly payments often lower than a loan, you pay only for what you use
    • Mileage limits apply
    • Less likely to need repairs because you drive the vehicle during warranty period
    • At end of term, you can get a new vehicle, purchase the vehicle, or turn it in and walk away
    • You are charged for excess wear and tear
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  • Pay cash: Buy the vehicle outright.

Vehicle Comparison

Can't make up your mind? Compare.

Rebates and Incentives

Want to hear about specials on GM vehicles in your area?

Car Fax Vehicle History

Is your car a lemon? Check and see.

Is Your Car Safe?

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Locate a Dealer

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