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Tech and Design Articles

Stories on technology and design by those who make it happen at GM Financial.  


Eduardo Diosdado / 12/01/2020

Authoring Flexible Emails in AEM

How we’re authoring emails in AEM to deploy in Adobe Campaign via email-ready HTML components as a Marketing Technology Engineering team.

Cartoon interpretation of Low-Code Application Platform

Low-Code Application Platform

Igor Parmezani / 06/21/2021 /

We use a lot of tools and processes to get things done at GM Financial, and we're always looking for ways to be more efficient in our work. Learn how we used a low-code application platform to do just that.

Cartoon interpretation of collaboration at work

The Change Advocate Network

Sue Merritt / 06/18/2021 /

See how we’re using our Change Advocate Network (CAN) to improve our efficiencies and be more collaborative.

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