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The GM Financial Generations Roundtable

Every generation is unique, and so are their experiences, challenges and expectations in today’s workplace.

In a unique new video series, Generation Roundtable, GM Financial team members from Gen Z to Baby Boomers gather to discuss the topics that impact them in the workplace and how to overcome obstacles, and share supportive resources. 

Bias Around Ages

Generations Roundtable panelists get frank about “generational assumptions,” age bias and their impact in the workplace.

Mental Health

When it comes to mental health, employees need support and safe spaces. Generations Roundtable panelists talk about their experiences, advocacy and utilizing employee resources.

DE&I Support

Generations Roundtable panelists share their thoughts on challenging different generations to do more in support of DE&I initiatives.

Leadership and Development

What actions can leaders take to be more effective? The Generations Roundtable responds to this important question from Shunda Robinson, SVP Diversity, Equity & Inclusion.

Transparency and Accountability

Once transparency is defined, how does it connect with accountability? Panelists from our Generations Roundtable weigh in.


What do team members need to feel supported in their career development? The Generations Roundtable shares what works and why it matters.


The Generations Roundtable shares what allyship means and how team members can freely bring their best selves to work.

Work Motivation

From making a difference to seeing themselves reflected in leadership, Generations Roundtable team members discuss what fuels their work at GM Financial. 

Work-Life Balance

How can companies proactively address the oft-discussed work-life balance? Generations Roundtable panelists share what works for them.

Working from Home

Pivoting to hybrid work environments challenged us all. Generations Roundtable members discuss the pros, cons and impact it had on them, their teams and their work style. 

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