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Group photo of thirteen people standing in front of a sign that says “Career Lab Powered By GM Financial.” The words “Career Lab Powered by GM Financial” and “An Investment in the Future Workforce” also appear below the photo of the individuals.

Investing in Our Future Workforce: GM Financial Establishes New Career Lab at Local University

Since 2016, GM Financial has had an ongoing relationship with the University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA) and the school’s University Career Center (UCC).  On May 1, part of the UCC was transformed into a new, highly interactive area — the Career Lab powered by GM Financial. The Career Lab will help UTSA students discover, pursue and achieve their unique career goals. Some tools and resources that will be offered include individual career counseling, mock interviews, mentorships, career workshops, resume workshops and professional networking events. 

Mario Vela, UTSA Assistant Vice Provost of Career-Engaged Learning and Director of the UCC, explains that the Career Lab is more than just a physical location. 

“The Career Lab powered by GM Financial represents a paradigm shift in how UTSA approaches career readiness,” he said. “The Career Lab will provide interactive, experiential learning opportunities that address students' and alumni needs in real time. We are immensely grateful for GM Financial’s ongoing commitment to supporting UTSA students.” 

After nearly eight years of working with the UCC, GM Financial is now established as one of the university’s primary corporate partners. Team members from GM Financial attend eight to 10 on-campus events per semester, including job fairs, leadership sessions, mock interviews and classroom presentations. 

To date, GM Financial has employed 38 team members who attended, graduated from or are currently attending UTSA. Leo Haynes, Assistant Vice President – Collections, is one of those team members.  

“In 2017, before I graduated, I went to a career fair where I met Wayne Saiz and a few other officers,” he said. “They were talking about the new building, the company culture and the opportunity for growth. I walked around the whole career fair, but Wayne’s business card was the only one I kept.” 

After graduating, Leo came across a job posting at the company and immediately applied. Now on the other end of this collaboration with UTSA, Leo describes it as a full-circle moment.  

“When we went for the ribbon cutting, just to see GM Financial’s name on the wall and to be part of this event was very special for me,” he said. “When I was a student, I would have never dreamt that I’d get to be a part of this six years later.” 

Wayne Saiz, Senior Vice President – Consumer Services, feels that the company’s collaboration with the university will continue to be successful and mutually beneficial.  

“At GM Financial, we’ve witnessed firsthand the results of our work with UTSA,” Wayne said. “They continue to produce highly educated, workforce-ready graduates.”   

“This new space represents an opportunity to continue our support of UTSA and their students,” he said. We know the Career Lab powered by GM Financial will have a significant impact on the careers of tomorrow’s leaders.” 

Cheyenne Meyer
By Cheyenne Meyer, GM Financial

Cheyenne is a strategic communicator with a passion for sharing content and resources related to wellness and professional development. When she’s not working, she’s either racing or planning her next race as a guide for athletes who are blind, low vision or DeafBlind, or volunteering in her local community.

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