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We’re enhancing the MyAccount login process on December 13.

What’s changing:

A new verification code will replace security questions for multi-factor or two-factor authentication.

What to expect:

You will authenticate with your email address and password like you currently do, which will generate a one-time verification code that will be sent to your login email address. This verification code must be entered into the text box before clicking “Continue to Dashboard.”

Who this affects:

Following the change, all customers accessing their MyAccount, whether through the web or the mobile app, will be required to use this enhanced login process. You will be able to use “Remember Device” and enable biometrics in the app for continued future use.

Frequently Asked Questions

Nothing. You’ll just need access to the email used to log in to MyAccount.

Previously, you were asked to answer security questions to log in. Now, you’ll be asked to enter a verification code that’s sent to your email address.

We’re enhancing the authentication process to better protect your account and private information. Using a one-time verification code increases the security of your account.

You’ll still need to go through the verification process once. After that, you can select “Remember Device” so you don’t have to enter a code each time you log in.

No, your password will stay the same.

Enhancing the multi-factor or two-factor authentication process to use a one-time code versus security questions offers a better user experience while improving the security of your account.

Our customer advocates can assist you in resetting your current MyAccount profile. Have your 12-digit account number ready (found in your welcome letter or on your billing statement) and reach out by calling 1-800-284-2271. For deaf or hard of hearing TDD/TTY services, call 1-888-998-0253.

You can request a new code by clicking “Send Another Code.”

Not at this time, but we are always working to enhance your experience.

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