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Fraud Investigation Process

If you are the victim of identity theft regarding a GM Financial account and wish to request an investigation, the claim must be submitted in writing and mailed to GM Financial.

Required Documents

The following documents are required by GM Financial to process the claim:

  • Completed Investigation Request Form
  • Copy of an ID Theft Report, for example a police report, filed with a Federal, State, or local law enforcement agency. (An FTC ID Theft Complaint form is not valid without an accompanying police report).

Requested Documents

The following additional documents are not required (but may be requested) and will assist in expediting the claim:

  • Completed ID Theft Affidavit
  • Copies of (3) cancelled checks signed by the victim and cleared by the victim's checking account (used for signature comparison)
  • Copy of a Driver's License or Government Issued ID of the victim


Please mail to:

GM Financial
801 Cherry Street,
Ste. 3500

Fort Worth, TX 76102

Claim Resolution

Once the required documents are received, GM Financial will investigate your claim. The investigation will be resolved in the following manner:

If GM Financial can establish the true identity of the victim and determines the claim to be valid, the victim will be notified via mail and GM Financial will report to the credit bureau agencies that the GM Financial account should be deleted from the victim's credit file.

If GM Financial cannot establish the true identity of the claimant, or, in good faith, determines the claim to be invalid, the claimant will be notified via mail. The GM Financial account will not be deleted from the claimant's credit file.


If you have questions or concerns regarding your identity theft claim, please email the Central Fraud Department at creditfraud@gmfinancial.com . Please include your name, contact phone number, account number if applicable, and a brief description of your question or concern. A representative will contact you.