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ways to contact GM Financial

How to Stay in Touch with Us

Providing a seamless experience for our customers is one of our main goals at GM Financial. Still, during your journey, you may need to contact us from time to time with questions or issues with your account. If you don’t find the answers you need in our FAQs section, check out any of the convenient ways you can stay informed and get in touch with us:

MyAccount has the answers

The best way to answer many of your questions and to know what’s going on with your account is by registering for MyAccount. Make payments, see your account details or chat with us. Some customers can go paperless or see a payoff quote. MyAccount can help you answer many questions without having to call us.

Messaging in MyAccount

If you’re registered for MyAccount, you’ll see a CHAT button when you log in during our support hours. Click the button, and send a message to our Customer Experience team. Your messages are saved for 18 months, and you’ll have an assigned representative so your experience can be more consistent and efficient.

Give us a call

If you aren’t registered for MyAccount, or if you have an issue that can’t be resolved online, you can contact our Customer Experience team during the support hours listed below. You can call us at 1-800-284-2271. Lease customers may call us at 1-800-369-5212.

Get social

Want to share compliments or feedback? We love to hear from our customers on social media. Like us on Facebook at to post a comment, or tweet us at @GMFinancial.

Support hours

Monday-Friday, 7 a.m.-8 p.m. CT
Saturday, 7 a.m.-6 p.m. CT


Scooter Hendon
By Scooter Hendon, GM Financial

GM Financial's Scooter Hendon might have a funny name, but he's serious about educating customers about financing their vehicles – and no, not the foot-powered kind on two wheels.

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