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Dealer Facing FAQ

You will receive the list of eLease customers the day before the campaign emails go out to customers and when they fill out the online credit application.

All lease customers in your dealership from November 2019- June 2020.

We will reach out to customers via email at 6, 5, 4, 3, 2 and 1 months prior to their lease maturity date.

We ask that you follow your normal communication cadence, but alter your messaging to reinforce the benefits and opportunity of the eLease process.

eLease only works through email because of the personalized URL. Direct mail communications will stay the same.

The eLease campaign will launch November 1, 2019 when emails are sent to select customers. However, several preliminary actions will start sooner such as the eLease manifest list being sent to participating dealers September 30. The program will run through June 30, 2020.    

The eLease campaign is designed to improve customer loyalty and strengthen your business by providing customers a simple, fast, and convenient personalized experience while providing you with an easier way to retain them as a customer.

  • Simple and fast: Pre-populates credit applications and pre-qualifying customers within minutes.
  • Convenient: Allows customers to search for their next lease online on multiple platforms and to complete the online credit application
  • Retention: Makes it easier to get repeat customer without significantly altering your current way of doing business; speeds up the process and eliminates paperwork

We are also piloting Shop Click Drive (SCD) version of eLease in New York and Florida with different functionality and look to combine the two for a more holistic experience.

Yes, we are working to be able to flag these customers in manifest lists.

Rollover miles is a private offer and not related to eLease. Please refer to the incentive stack guide.

Customer Based FAQ for CX Reps

Cadillac eLease does not allow for ordering a vehicle and only applies to existing stock at a dealership. Customers can visit their dealer to follow the normal ordering process.

Possibly. The customer should work with their dealer on lease pull-ahead qualifications. They can still use the eLease process if a lease pull ahead is used.

GM Financial will use multiple factors to determine the appropriate approval amount, and each customer application and potential amount approved will be different.

Possibly. The customer should work with their dealer to determine if other incentives are available to the customer.

Yes, our process uses the latest in cybersecurity technology to ensure that customer information is safe.

In most cases, the amount that the customer is prequalified for will be sufficient to cover typical additional accessories like warranties.

No. Taxes and other miscellaneous charges are not included in the pre-approval email the customer receives.

Yes. The eLease process can be completed at the dealer, or the customer can complete it online on their own.

The offer is valid until the date of expiration. After that, new offer could be sent periodically leading up to the lease maturity date.

Yes, the eLease process was designed to be mobile friendly so that the process is simple and convenient.

Once submitted and pre-approved, the pre-approval usually comes through within minutes.

The eLease process saves time, eliminates the need for some paperwork, and adds convenience to over the normal process.

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