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If you have not already returned your vehicle or need further assistance, please contact GM Financial at 866-631-0132 or your originating dealership.

Get Going: Select Your Next Vehicle

Get Going: Select Your Next Vehicle

now is the time to head to your dealership and find the perfect vehicle for your next journey.

When your lease end is right around the corner, head to your dealership and find the perfect vehicle for your next journey.

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It’s time to start your new journey

It’s time to take action and make a decision if your lease end has almost arrived.

If you haven’t completed your complimentary vehicle pre-return inspection and made necessary repairs, now is the time.

Make your choice

You have three options at lease end:

  • Return your vehicle and lease or buy a new one.

  • Buy your current leased vehicle by scheduling an appointment with your dealer.

  • Turn in your vehicle without leasing or buying a new one.


Find your next vehicle

Select a vehicle and see where your journey takes you next.

Explore the latest offers from {0} and other GM brands to discover the next step in your journey.

Frequently Asked Questions: Get Going

Find your new ride

Enjoy the excitement of a new vehicle by returning your current leased vehicle and finding a new vehicle to lease or buy. Save time at the dealership by applying online now.

Buy your leased vehicle

Do you love your ride so much you don’t want to say goodbye? You can purchase your vehicle at any point during your lease. Visit your dealership to discuss your options.

Return your vehicle

If you just want to turn your vehicle in and don’t want to lease or buy a new GM vehicle, schedule an appointment at your dealership. Before you make a final decision, make sure to check out the latest offers in your area.

Your originating GM dealer is best qualified to assist you with the lease-end process. If you have moved a significant distance since you leased your GM vehicle, or you would like to turn in your vehicle at another GM dealership, please contact GM Financial at 866-631-0132

Your security deposit will be returned to you, less any amounts owed under your lease agreement, within 60 days of returning your leased vehicle. 

If you turn in your lease vehicle, you are responsible for any excess wear-and-use charges, remaining payments, excess mileage charges, fees, taxes and/or citations.    

If you elect to return your leased vehicle and have exceeded the allowed mileage in your lease agreement, you will be charged for the additional miles. These charges are detailed in your lease agreement.

Explore our lease-end page for more answers, or contact our Customer Experience team at 866-631-0132.    

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Help and Support

Find your answers

Use these resources to help guide your lease-end experience and get answers to your questions.

Chevrolet Lease End Guide

Buick Lease End Guide

GMC Lease End Guide

Cadillac Lease End Guide

GM End of Lease Guide
Your dealership

The GM dealership where you leased your vehicle is the best place to go with questions about leasing or buying a new GM vehicle. They can also help with purchasing your current vehicle, servicing it or completing needed repairs.

Contact your dealership for inspections, repairs and final steps in the lease-end process.

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Find a dealer

Customer care

Still have questions? Visit our FAQ page for more answers. Or, log in to MyAccount and send us a message or contact us at 866-631-0132 during support hours.

Mon-Fri 7 a.m. - 7 p.m. CT

Sat 9 a.m. - 1 p.m. CT

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