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GM Financial team members brainstorming in the corporate office



GM Financial has many corporate departments in the Dallas-Fort Worth area that play a vital role in our success. From hiring top talent to improving our business' efficiency, our team members help us achieve our goals to stay competitive in the auto finance industry.

The Audit department assists the company’s Board of Directors, its Executive team and GM’s Audit Committee in achieving sound managerial review and control. Audit performs comprehensive reviews and independent appraisals of all operations and activities.

The Accounting, Finance and Treasury departments are responsible for GM Financial's financial reporting, financial planning and analysis, accounts payable and tax administration functions. The Finance department ensures that GM Financial gets the best deals by managing the vendor relationships through pricing and purchasing. Corporate Finance structures and executes GM Financial's securitizations and warehouse facilities that fund our business. They also manage relationships with the credit providers, rating agencies and asset-backed investors.

The Administrative team demonstrates the mission, vision and values of GM Financial through supporting the day-to-day business processes and tasks of departmental executives and leadership. These team members embody the pillars of the company on a daily basis.

The Facilities department oversees development and maintenance at all of our professional, safe and comfortable GM Financial office spaces. To best meet the needs required to coordinate the design, construction and maintenance at all locations, this group manages multiple vendor partnerships.

The Human Resources department manages areas relating specifically to employees and new team members. The department oversees services such as the compensation and review process, health benefits and stock ownership programs, training and leadership development, corporate policies and talent acquisition.

The Legal department keeps GM Financial in compliance with government regulations, mandatory licenses and state and federal laws. The Compliance department works with all GM Financial business units to further the effective management of compliance and compliance risk. The team ensures that there is an effective Compliance Management System in place so that GM Financial products, service and delivery systems are in compliance with all laws and regulations throughout the product or service life cycle.

Marketing and Communications is responsible for communicating and promoting the  GM Financial brand to dealers, consumers, team members and the media. Through print and digital channels, the team ensures our customers have a great experience with GM Financial. We provide the online tools to help our dealers sell more GM vehicles. The team keeps open lines of communication with team members, so they understand our goals, values and culture. And they look for opportunities to share the GM Financial story with the media to help promote the GM Financial brand.

The Pricing and Product Development department works as the liaison between our dealer clients and General Motors. It maintains our dealer-facing products and introduces incentives to help dealers sell more vehicles. The team also manages all after-market GM Financial products for both GM and non-GM dealers, such as our Guaranteed Asset Protection product and Vehicle Service Contract agreements.

Members of the Process Excellence department partner with a wide variety of internal stakeholders from all levels and departments of the business to assist in the execution of business process management, business process improvement, innovation and cultural change projects. 

The primary role of the Risk Management department is to assist in achieving a sound managerial review and control over all activities. The department's main focuses are comprehensive credit review, internal audit, portfolio forecasting and security of our people, intellectual property and assets. The team continually assesses new and existing channels of business and identifies process improvements to further mitigate risk to the company.

GM Financial team members meeting in the IT Department



With a focus on planning, testing, problem-solving and technical innovation, IT offers customer-oriented service and assistance through several different avenues.

GM Financial's Service Desk and Desktop Support are the troubleshooting teams that help keep the technical side of the business going. From solving problems to installing the latest tools of the finance industry, the teams rely on their know-how and customer service skills to get the job done and keep momentum moving in the right direction.

Business systems are constantly evolving, and IT’s engineering teams are at the forefront of the change, maintaining GM Financial’s technological stability in areas such as network operations, telecommunications, provisioning services and monitoring.

GM Financial's architects and developers focus on creating and perfecting the technological tools of the future, ensuring seamless compatibility and integration into the company's existing systems.

Data security is essential at GM Financial. IT administrators evaluate and store this data, while information security ensures the reliability, safekeeping and quality of all electronic data for the business.

It takes constant vigilance to keep GM Financial's many business systems online, and IT's analysts use a keen eye and relationship with business partners to evaluate the varying applications and maximize the flow of information.

Within such a broad and extensive department as IT, it takes specialized team members to support, track and ensure compliance for IT's many projects. Team members from varying enterprise system support teams and the Project Management office use a combination of technical expertise, business knowledge and communication skills to keep projects on schedule.

Three GM Financial Customer Experience team members


Our customers receive outstanding customer service from GM Financial. Team members working in our Consumer division are interacting with customers on a daily basis, and it's one of our top goals to ensure that our customers are addressed politely and that they are treated with the utmost respect.

When a GM Financial customer has a question, request or an unresolved issue about an account, the Customer Experience team provides helpful and knowledgeable service.

The GM Financial Servicing department is separated into regions: Central, Western, Eastern and Canadian. Each region monitors funding, process of payment and delinquent accounts for customers in their respective regions. This team also helps customers make payment arrangements to bring their accounts current.

The Remarketing team manages the resale of premium pre-owned inventory from GM and supports the relationships between GM Financial, auto auctions and dealers through sales at physical and online auction. This team also contributes to the management of our customers' lease-end processes.

Two GM Financial team members discussing dealer related information



GM Financial’s Dealer Services division works directly with auto dealers across the U.S. and Canada. Building solid relationships with our dealers is key to the success of our company and business. Our teams are constantly working with our dealer partners one-on-one to train, educate and inform them on GM Financial’s programs.

The Commercial Lending department helps dealers grow their dealerships successfully through floorplan financing, dealer loans, floorplan insurance and cash management. The department consists of four groups, including commercial credit, commercial servicing, risk management and business development.

The Credit division has representatives at credit center locations throughout North America. The Credit department is comprised of Credit Analysts, Credit Managers and Regional Credit Managers who work with the dealer.

The Sales department is comprised of Account Representatives, Regional Sales Managers and VP Sales who manage the relationships with dealers in the U.S. and Canada, and educate them about our products and services.

Loan Services is a centralized group incorporated with funding and asset management to conduct comprehensive reviews of the entire transaction before disbursing funds to the dealers. The team works to resolve issues and answer questions for both internal and external customers, as well as employees, branches and dealers.

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