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GM Financial in Lima, Perú

GM Financial del Perú began operations in 2015, and it has been introduced to the market as “Chevrolet Servicios Financieros.”

For the team members, being part of a global organization provides attractive opportunities, while the focus and energy of a new startup operation translates into on-the-job experience. GM Financial del Perú is part of General Motors Financial Company, Inc., the global automotive financial services company of General Motors.

Why work for us?

"GM Financial del Perú has given me the opportunity to work for a global company that offers me the chance to expand my knowledge, grow professionally and also challenge me every day to be the best in a very competitive industry."

- Eddy, Wholesale Auditor

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Quick Facts
  • Our Offices: Lima
  • GM Financial Presence Since: 2015
  • Employees: 5
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