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One up the competition

These innovative options are available on all of GM Financial’s Commercial Vehicle Lending products, giving your business a competitive advantage.

Customizable Features

  1. Personal Guaranty

    GM Financial’s Personal Guaranty option helps business owners secure the financing they need. As a business owner, you may have the option to sign a Personal Guaranty — a written agreement stating that you will make payments on a commercial vehicle if your business is unable to do so. This allows GM Financial to use your personal credit to help get you the best rate for your commercial vehicle without adding your name to the contract or title.

  2. Combined Billing

    Gives you the opportunity to consolidate all of your commercial vehicle accounts on a single invoice with a common due date.

  3. Specialty Vehicle Financing

    When you need a customized vehicle upfit to meet the needs of your business, we’re here to help. Whether it’s a platform bed, van body or utility/service vehicle, we can help you find the right financing solution to keep your business moving forward.

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