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Customizable Features

Customizable Features

These innovative options are available on all of GM Financial's Commercial Vehicle Lending products, giving your business a competitive advantage.

Commercial Line of Credit

Allows you to purchase multiple new or pre-owned vehicles for your business. It makes acquiring vehicles quicker and easier because you can skip the credit approval process traditionally required every time you finance an additional vehicle. Line of Credit amounts begin at $250,000 and are reviewed annually.

A Line of Credit is easy on your bank account, helps you reserve specific funds for acquiring commercial vehicles, can be used with other commercial services, and saves bank lines of credit for your other business needs. Visit your local GM dealership to learn more.

Personal Guarantor

Enables you to guarantee the contract, but not be listed as a party on the contract, preserving personal credit.

Combined Billing

Gives you the opportunity to consolidate all of your commercial vehicle accounts on a single invoice with a common due date. Combined billing is available for business customers with more than one commercial vehicle account financed with GM Financial. Contact your GM Financial customer service representative to enroll.

Master Lease & Loan Agreement

Permits you to execute a single master agreement, which allows subsequent vehicles to be delivered more efficiently using a one-page schedule.

Upfit Financing Options

Offers the ability to add upfitted bodies to meet your unique business needs.

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